Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Magazines FIRST spoiler

What do you think? ;)

- Dancaholic98

Hi there!

Im Dancaholic98, and welcome to Voguette Magazine!

The magazine will be released in October. Its my first magazine and Im excited! In the meantime, Im looking for models for the magazine. Just fill in the form below!

Stardoll username;
Have you modelled before? Show examples if yes.
Pic of current medoll;
Pic of medoll [no makeup];
Fav colours;
Why you want to be picked;

I am ALSO looking for an assistant graphic designer! Application form below;

Stardoll username;
Have you your own magazine? Name it if yes.
3-5 Examples of graphics;
How much time do you spend online?;

Thanks! A spoiler for the mag coming soon!
You have until September 30th to apply.
- Dancaholic98